News from 2024

March 2024 ~ The ‘art’ of test purchasing . . . how to hook the crook! 

Using well-tested skills established during law-enforcement service, IPFGB has developed an ability to build credible and robust legends in order to penetrate target organisations involved in illicit trading.  Over a period in excess of two decades, this evidence-gathering formula in the test-purchasing arena has repeatedly succeeded where others tend to fail.  

It may appear simple to tempt a rogue trader with a bundle of cash in a face-to-face approach, but the relatively inexpensive exercise of remote purchasing requires an art, whether online or by phone.  Over twenty years of experience has taught us that a fraudster’s first concern is whether he will be paid.  It is essential to understand, therefore, that what is presented as an identity, or “legend”, may be robustly checked with regard to financial status.  IPFGB lawfully maintains a number of “cover” identities located around the UK which have physical addresses, contact details, and bank facilities, so enabling instant trade in order to obtain evidence of fraudulent activity.  There is often the added bonus of establishing the banking information of targets prior to litigation or law enforcement action.  We also maintain cryptocurrency accounts which add to our arsenal. 

Merchandise as diverse as IT hardware, software, vehicle parts, machinery, pharmaceuticals, plastics, designer clothing, handbags . . . the list is endless, and IPFGB has bought them all; regularly succeeding in bringing organised fraudsters and counterfeiters to book.

Continuing on our theme of fighting the counterfeiting industry, Crime Stopper International has produced a hard-hitting 90-second video which provides the back-story to this 4 trillion dollar empire. Watch here